Learn how to build an inclusive brand

Inclusive brand fundamentals

If you’re ready to build an inclusive brand, this is a great way to dip your toes in and convince leadership that it’s worth the money, time and effort.

We ease into this space with a fun half-day session. In the workshop, you will build a good foundation in how to get started in this space and what’s needed to be successful. Your team will get an overview of diversity, equity and inclusion best practices, and learn about the inclusion mindset, the journey, the guiding principles, and the fundamentals of building an inclusive brand.

And the best part? We kick off with a fun team building activity and stay energised on the most delicious grazing plates you’ll ever sample.

Inclusive brand – level up

We recommend doing this after completing the inclusive brand fundamentals workshop. Ideally, you should book the same team for both workshops.

This workshop is intensive and takes two full days. Not one for the jokers, this is where we get serious about inclusion and DO THE WORK.

In our inclusive brand – level up workshop, we go deep into your brand, your team, and your audience. You will leave this workshop with a clear action plan that will create a more connected and inclusive community.

In our guided discussions, your team will uncover the shared values, passions and interests that your team and audience have, and what draws people to your brand. We will also analyse the intersectional identities that is represented in your community, and how you can be more inclusive of those differences at all levels of your brand and organisation.

You can expect engaging activities to get the creative juices flowing, and delicious grazing plates to provide the fuel needed to get the work done. This workshop will help you connect with your team and be laser focused on the work at hand. What’s not to like?

Who is it for?

Both workshops are suitable for people who have a say in your brand: board members, leadership, senior managers, marketing managers, HR managers, your head of operations. The group should be made up of 10-15 senior to mid-level staff from different areas of your organisation.